Podcast: Around the World with The He & She Show

Funny moments exist in all relationships. Few relationships however are made up of two comedians, which share each of those funny, awkward and sometimes embarrassing moments as a married comedy team. The struggles of co-existing while they wander the globe are wrought in each hilarious detail for all of us to share. 

Join married comedians Doug Wyckoff and Teresa Wyckoff. from The He & She Show as they are joined by guests telling their own travel stories and experiences.  Our guests are comedians, entertainers, "regular" people as well as experts in travel.  Listen to their travel stories,  tips to enjoy your own future travel and make you laugh along the way with glimpses into the lives of comedians on the road.

Teresa is a former flight attendant, and life-long wanderlust addict, Doug didn’t start his travel journey until later in life, traveling on a passport for the first time only a few years ago, but he hasn’t stopped since! Together they’ve travelled to most states in the US, and multiple countries in 4 continents.  

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Show Notes

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