Hear stories of Travel & adventures on our podcast….then Travel with us to make your own!

"Collect memories, not things" - That is the motto of our life, and our trips.

This is not just a "trip" this is an experience.  The goal is to weave together once in a lifetime experiences woven and  relationship with other like minded adventurers, to create lifelong bonds & memories that last a lifetime.  

It's so easy in our western life to get so caught  up in to the day to day, when we finally do get a chance to "vacate" that is exactly what we may do: wander from tourist hotspot to hotspot following the hoards of other "vacationers" to get the same picture as everyone else, eat the same food as all the guidebooks tell you to & pass out every night. 

This is different. Yes you will see epic sites, and you can get a Instagram worthy picture with a  Camel but our goal is to help you have a once in a lifetime experience in this country you've traveled thousands of miles to visit. 

Travel is the best way to invest in yourself. Travel makes you richer and will expand your empathy. It can teach you to yourself, show you the world, and can make history come alive. Travel informs your understanding and helps you learn from the past. 

What can you can take with you, for the rest of your life, no matter where your life leads?


      + Memories of watching the sun set over the Nile

      + The feeling that you get when your standing in a 4000 year old temple

      + Touching thousands of year old hieroglyphics that are still in color, and still tell their stories today.

      + Walking along pathways couched between 5000 year old columns.

      + The understanding and empathy you learn from friendships with those in cultures that seem a million miles away from your own

      + Confidence gained from stepping outside your comfort zone to a world with different food, a different language. 

You will: 

      + Have daily adventures, and experience moments each day that will take your breath away.  

      + Experience the fun and mystery of history and learn how insights from history can impact your life today. 

      + Be led by a licensed Egyptologist that is highly educated in Ancient Egyptian history and language. 

      + Have us as your hosts (a couple of comedians/Comedy Couple that excited to share the fun and inspiration of Egypt with you). It's our goal for each of you to end each day with a smile.

      + It won't always be comfortable and easy - you will sleep on overnight trains, may walk in the hot desert, and experience culture outside of your comfort zone - but no real adventure is easy, is it? 

     + Is this your first big overseas trip? We'll help you every step of the way, from planning your flights, to what to pack, using your passport.  We even have someone meet you BEFORE customs to take you through the entire customs process, scoop up your bags, and deliver you to us safe and sound. 

come with us to egypt