Marriage Advice #1

Marriage Advice #1: "A Happy Wife is a Happy Life"

If you didn’t read our entry introducing our marriage advice, we asked audience members at our last year of shows to share with us their marriage advice. The advice we received we will be sharing here, for you to learn from as well! 

Teresa picked today’s marriage advice RANDOMLY from the pile, face down. She did not pick this for any selfish reasons at all (but she agrees, of course):

Doug, Mr. Wyckoff, would like to say a few words about today’s advice:

     “Obviously this advice was written by a women and the man sitting next to her is nodding his head as she wrote this. That said, I would have to agree because If Teresa is happy and content then all the wheels are greased (if you know what I’m talking about) and everything is running smoothly. There is nothing worse than having to deal with an unhappy woman: ‘We don’t have enough money’, ‘Why don’t you do more around the house’, ‘You have to many girlfriends.’ No man wants to hear that all the time.”

We would also love to hear your advice, if you have any. Please either post your own advice card on our Facebook page or email it to

Also if anyone would like to claim today’s advice card as the one they wrote please let us know and we’ll give you credit in the post!